World Habitat Day focuses on municipal waste

This year’s World Habitat Day focused on responsible municipal solid waste management, which is rooted in six Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. The global observance on 1 October was held at UN-Habitat headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

The UN designated the first Monday of October as World Habitat Day. The global observance, which took place at the UN-Habitat headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, this year, is an “unique opportunity to focus international attention on key issues surrounding sustainable urbanization, human settlements and improving urban living conditions,” said UN-Habitat Executive Director Maimunah Mohd Sharif.

This year’s theme – Municipal Solid Waste Management – is a particularly critical issue that affects everyone worldwide. The amount of waste is growing daily and accounts for a large portion of local governments’ budget. Poor solid waste collection and disposal are resulting in uncontrolled dumpsites and waste burning, leading to polluted air and water and a growing public health crisis.

By focusing on solid waste management this World Habitat Day, the UN hopes to effect a change in public attitudes to minimize waste, stop littering, increase recycling and reuse, and drive sufficient funding and planning measures to help cities improve the current state of solid waste management.

To this end, on 1 October, UN-Habitat and partners discussed a call for action on what they call Waste-Wise Cities, which recognizes cities that are leading in effective waste management.

Image credit: Hermes Rivera via Unsplash

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