World Cities Day 2018 focuses on urban resilience

World Cities Day is celebrated each year on 31 October. This year’s event will focus on building sustainable and resilient cities.

The United Nations has designated 31 October as World Cities Day. Its aim is to promote the international community’s interest in global urbanization, enhance cooperation among countries and cities on opportunities and challenges related to urbanization, and contribute to sustainable urban development.

The day contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is recognized by the New Urban Agenda as a priority platform for partners, according to UN-Habitat.

This year’s theme is Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities, which UN-Habitat defines as “the measurable ability of any urban system, with its inhabitants, to maintain continuity through all shocks and stresses, while positively adapting and transforming toward sustainability”.

According to UN-Habitat, a resilient city assesses, plans, prepares and responds to hazards of all kinds – natural and human-made, sudden and gradual, expected and unexpected – in order to protect and enhance the lives of its inhabitants, secure development gains, foster an environment for investment, as well as drive positive change.

Part of the focus this year will be on driving the development of new innovative tools and approaches that strengthen local administrations and empower citizens to address key issues such as climate change, poverty, gender equality and humanitarian urban crises.

The main event of this year’s World Cities Day will be celebrated in Liverpool, UK.

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