Walk-in Closet Switzerland – Swap clothes instead of buying them

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The social consequences are also fatal: textile workers labor in an unsafe working environment for meager wages, and women are particularly affected. Making fashion production fairer throughout the supply chain and adapting our consumption behavior are the most important solutions for a more sustainable fashion world.

The non-profit association Walk-in Closet Switzerland offers different platforms for alternative consumption and information. Their motto is: Swap instead of buy! The focus is mainly on the accompaniment of volunteers, sensitization work and on the realization of clothing swaps at currently 18 different locations throughout Switzerland. Our clothing swaps create encounters and exchanges. At various locations, there are also upcycling stations that breathe new life into your favorite pieces.

Through the clothing swap events, we offer a concrete alternative to the fast-fashion consumption. The aim of our activities is to encourage as many people as possible to reflect on their own clothing consumption and to shape it more consciously.

Many years of experience with our community have shown that addressing the issue has an effect on consumer behavior. We therefore assume that our community will buy fewer new clothes, consume more consciously, and put pressure on fashion for a change. Walk-in Closet Switzerland is the platform that makes clothes swapping an everyday shopping option and promotes conscious clothing consumption.

Contact: Nora Keller, Coordination Walk-in Closet Schweiz
info@walkincloset.ch | www.walkincloset.ch | Insta & Facebook: @walkinclosetschweiz

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