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Litter is visible everywhere and the majority of citizens are aware of the problem. Yet we live in times where the obvious is not enough. We need to prove with numbers that a problem exists and that it is harming not only the environment but us.

The SLR – Swiss Litter Report – is the first study of its kind in Europe. It counts and classifies the amount of trash collected at 50 spots on the shores of Swiss water bodies throughout one year, starting in April 2017 and ending in March 2018.

The SLR is designed to demonstrate, quantify and analyse the litter problem we have in Switzerland. The SLR data collection is based on a globally acknowledged method developed by the EEA – European Environment Agency. The aim is to strengthen Europe’s knowledge base on litter and thus provide support to Swiss and European policy-making.

Trained volunteers will collect all litter from 50 defined shorelines once a month. All items found during a total of 600 collections are laid out, counted, recounted, photographed, classified and published into the online database of Marine Litter Watch. The method will enable a comparison of Swiss data to other countries and help complete the findings about plastic pollution in Europe so far.

The SLR is carried out by WWF Switzerland, Stop Plastic Pollution Switzerland (STOPPP) and Hammerdirt Association, with friendly support by OceanCare. Hammerdirt Association is involved in training, monitoring and advising the collections. They have methodological experience from litter collection projects at Lake Geneva.

STOPPP will publish results of the data collection on a monthly basis and raise public awareness by communicating results.

Please contact Pascal Blarer (pascal.blarer@wwf.ch) at WWF to register for this project!

Image credit: Kevin Krejci, flickr


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