US cities unite ahead of UN climate talks

12 US cities have formed a delegation to the UN climate talks in Paris later this year with the objective of pressuring the global community to adopt a meaningful international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Local Climate Leaders Circle is a coalition of mayors from Atlanta, Boulder, Chula Vista, Columbus, Des Moines, Grand Rapids, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, West Palm Beach and local officials from Santa Monica and King County Washington. Together they hail from 10 different states across the country.

The urban leaders are urging the public and government alike to sign a call to action to address America’s climate, economic and energy challenges. As Cities Today reports, the initiative is evidence of the gathering momentum towards achieving meaningful environmental reform at the UN climate talks.

According to Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, the climate change impacts that are already being felt at a local level will only become more challenging. “Setting goals to mitigate and adapt to changes in our climate is essential to ensure a vibrant and sustainable future.”

Michael Bloomberg, UN Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change and former mayor of New York City, said: “These 12 cities deserve great credit for acting quickly to confront climate change. By drawing attention to the work cities around the world are doing – and helping them speed their progress – the Leaders Circle can help set the stage for a successful climate change summit in Paris later this year.”


Photo credit: Garrett, flickr/Creative Commons

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