UN emphasises link between climate change and food security

To mark World Food Day 2016, the United Nations has emphasised the connection between climate change and sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition security.

On World Food Day 2016, the UN’s message was: “The climate is changing. Food and agriculture must, too.”

The most vulnerable people are world’s poorest, with 70 per cent dependent on subsistence farming, fishing or pastoralism for income and food.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighted in his message that “as the global population expands, we will need to satisfy an increasing demand for food.”

“Yet, around the world, record-breaking temperatures, rising sea levels and more frequent and severe droughts and floods caused by climate change are already affecting ecosystems, agriculture and society’s ability to produce the food we need,” he added.

To bolster food security in a changing climate, countries must address food and agriculture in their climate action plans, according to the UN head. Agriculture and food systems must become more resilient, productive, inclusive and sustainable, he said.

The Secretary-General explained that targeted investment would build resilience and increase the incomes of small farmers – lifting millions out of poverty, and helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and safeguard ecosystems.

“On this World Food Day, I urge all Governments and their partners to take a holistic, collaborative and integrated approach to climate change, food security and equitable social and economic development,” emphasised Mr. Ban.

“Only by working in partnership will we achieve a world of zero hunger and free from poverty, where all people can live in peace, prosperity and dignity,” he concluded.

The historic Paris climate agreement is due to come into force next month.

Photo credit: Mountain Partnership/ CC BY-NC 2.0

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