UBS encourages walking for a good cause

The UBS has previously not been much of an attention-grabber at the World Economic Forum (WEF), but that is about to change. At the WEF 2015, which starts on 21. January, the Swiss bank will encourage the 2,500 participants to forego cosy transport modes and become pedestrians instead, all in the name of education for children in Africa. Positive side effects: the walkers stay fitter and produce less car fumes, and the UBS will become more of a conversation topic.

“The Davos Challenge: Walk for Education” is the name of this sponsorship project, where participants wear an electronic measuring device to log their walked distance over the five days of the Forum. The more people take part and walk at least six kilometres, the more children will benefit, because the UBS will sponsor bicycles for children to ride to school with. Studies have shown that in South Africa alone, 8 million children have 12 kilometres to cover on their way to and from school. If this distance could be covered more quickly with a bicycle, a larger number of students would be able to attend school more often, the thinking goes.

Here at GES, we would suggest the UBS go a step further and sponsor environmentally friendly bicycles, for example the Bamboobee Bicycle Kit. Bamboo is a strong, fast-growing natural resource, and assembling the bike frame is a fun, creative, and team-building experience! Imagine the pride of riding a bike you built yourself. Visit for more information.

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