Turning eggshells into electrodes

Eggshells are a good material for producing battery storage devices thanks to their high calcium carbonate content. An international research team has now tested electrodes made from eggshells.

Discarded eggshells have long been used in a number of industrial applications, including bioceramics, cosmetics and the dyestuff industry. Now, an international research team has used them to produce an energy storage device.

According to a news release from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the electrode was made of the eggshell’s calcium carbonate and the protein-rich fibre membrane, while the anode consisted of lithium. The capacity of the test cell did not fall below 92 per cent, even after more than one thousand charging and discharging cycles.

Further research is now needed to further improve the material’s performance.

“Surprisingly, there are always new examples in which natural materials have good to very good prerequisites for producing materials for electrochemical storage,” said Maximilian Fichtner from the Helmoltz Institute Ulm, a KIT-supported institute specializing in electrochemical energy storage.

Image credit: Manuel Balzer, KIT

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