Tide Ocean turns ocean plastic waste into watches

Swiss start-up Tide Ocean turns ocean plastic waste into new products such as watches. It has now won a German design and technology award for its contribution to the circular economy.

Up to now, ocean plastic waste has been difficult to recycle due to damage caused by UV rays and salt water.

Swiss start-up Tide Ocean has now developed a method together with scientists from the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil, Switzerland, through which it can turn plastic collected from the ocean, coastlines and uncontrolled landfills into high-quality plastic granules, which can be then used to recreate new hard plastic products such as watches, furniture or electronic devices. Tide Ocean can also turn the ocean plastic waste into thread, yarn or fabric for use in clothing, watch straps or bags.

Tide Ocean has now won the 17th MATERIALICA Design and Technology Award. Company founder Thomas Shori accepted the award at the electric mobility trade fair eMove 360 in Munich.

“We are tremendously pleased that our innovative solution has been recognized by experts and scientists with this well-established award,” Schori said. “We believe that even little solutions can tackle big problems if we are to improve the world.”

In its first year, Tide Ocean has processed more than 30 tonnes of ocean material for companies in Switzerland, North America and South Korea. The origins of its plastic can be tracked – the first containers were collected in Haiti and the Philippines – and it compensates the carbon footprint of its logistics with the help of Swiss climate foundation myclimate.org.


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