Thousands of trees to be planted in England’s cities

Over 22,000 large trees and 28,000 small trees are to be planted in urban areas across England. These will help improve urban health and wellbeing, as well as playing a crucial role in the fight against climate change.

The UK Government is to plant 30,000 hectares of trees a year across the UK by 2025. Launching this year, the first round of the £10-million Urban Tree Challenge Fund will see 130,000 trees planted in 13 of England’s towns and cities by 2021, according to a statement.

Former Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers commented: “Trees are vital in the fight against climate change, to tackle air pollution and help us achieve our net-zero target by 2050. But for local communities they are so much more. They allow green spaces to come together, help both physical and mental wellbeing, and connect children and young people with nature.”

The fund focuses on areas of high deprivation and low tree canopy cover. Not only do trees in urban areas help to improve wellbeing but they also help tackle climate change. One project, The Mersey Forest, will focus on improving the quality of access routes, encouraging active travel and recreation, and improving wellbeing and mental health through increased physical activity and greener neighbourhoods.

Since 2010, the UK government has planted over 15 million trees.

Image credit: Roman Grac via Pixabay

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