Tennis world goes green

All four of the world’s Grand Slam tennis tournaments are joining the UN’s Sports for Climate Action Framework.

The US Open, Wimbledon, Tennis Australia and the French Open have all announced that they are joining the UN’s Sports for Climate Action Framework.

They join several well-known international sports organisations and clubs, including the International Olympic Committee, FIFA, UEFA, Formula E, the NBA and the New York Yankees, as well as upcoming sporting events such as the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, and the Rugby League World Cup 2021. There are now a total of 36 signatories to the framework.

Launched by UN Climate Change in December 2018, the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework encourages sports organisations to reduce their emissions while at the same time inspire others to take ambitious climate action.

More specifically, signatories to the framework commit to undertake systemic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility, reduce their overall climate impact, educate for climate action, promote sustainable and responsible consumption, and advocate for climate action through communication. They use sport as a unifying force to drive climate awareness and action.

UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa welcomed all four Grand Slam tournaments to the Sports for Climate Action Framework. “The engagement of the tennis world is very valuable for this initiative. We need everyone on board. It takes the combined efforts of all sectors of society, including business. Including sports. Including tennis,” said Espinosa.

Her comments were echoed by James Grabert, director of the Sustainable Development Mechanisms and Global Climate Action, who stressed the importance of the sports spirit as a unifying catalyzer for human action: “What the tennis and other sports sectors are dong in the fight against climate change is a model of collaboration: it is what is required from all sectors and industries to truly have an impact, and inspire other industries to mobilize.”

Image credit: Guilherme Maggieri via Unsplash

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