Swisscom’s annual report online

Swisscom aims to be one of Switzerland’s most sustainable companies, therefore their environmental and social commitments are an integral part of the corporate strategy. Having defined binding goals for 2020 in six corporate responsibility focus themes, Swisscom is showing how serious it is when it comes to sustainability.

As a national infrastructure provider and a company providing a public service, Swisscom holds a special position. Coupled with the expectations of the various stakeholder groups, including customers, employees and the federal government, in its role as principal shareholder and as legislator, this position places high demands on the company as regards sustainability.

Sustainable management and long-term responsibility are among the core values to which the company is committed. One of those goals is to halve CO2 emissions within the next five years. By 2020, together with their customers, they want to save double the amount of CO2 that they generate through the entire operations and supply chain. They aim to do this, for example, by using home offices to reduce commuter journeys, and their set-top box, which now uses 40% less energy than its predecessor.

At today’s publication of FY 2014 results and annual report in Zürich, journalists were pleased to find that the documents are all available on Swisscom’s website, reducing the need for unnecessary paper waste:

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