Swiss Resources Forum 25 October 2018

The second Swiss Resources Forum (rf-ch 2018) will take place on October 25, 2018 at the Empa Academy in Dübendorf near Zürich under the title “Science, business and cities together for more resource efficiency“.

As for the energy transition, cities – together with some pioneers from industry – are often seen as the initiators of a raw material transition. Where are hotspots of raw material consumption? Have cities and industries already found sustainable solutions?

Decision-makers and experts from business and industry, politics and administration, as well as science and civil society will meet at the second Swiss Ressources Forum to deepen this topic.


The conference focuses on the raw material categories of construction materials and industrial and technology metals. Among other things, the discussion will focus on the resources offered by hotspots to Switzerland in general and cities in particular from the point of view of science and industry. The next phase will go one step further, presenting existing solutions from the point of view of industry and cities as well as innovative solutions and “next things to come” from the point of view of science.


The workshops offer participants the opportunity to interactively discuss the problems, challenges and necessary target states for a sustainable use of raw materials in Switzerland. Possible synergies and possible links between these projects and business models will be discussed.

The high-level selection of topics and workshops is one of the reasons why, in addition to representatives from politics and science, a large number of industry representatives have been invited to the Swiss Resource Forum. Among others, representatives from Losinger-Marazzi, Holcim, Eberhard Unternehmungen and the Werner Sobek Group will be present.

Raw materials market, aperitif, and guided tours

The raw materials market, which is linked with an aperitif, also offers participants a unique opportunity to present their company and at the same time benefit from first-class networking conditions. In addition to the raw materials market, the two guided tours offered to Empa’s Urban Mining & Recycling Unit and the Hunziker site in Oerlikon also offer excellent sources of inspiration and networking opportunities.

The conference is organised in cooperation with national partners such as a+FOENecosEmpaengageabilityesmNEROSNFP 73ö and SATW.

More information and registration is available on the conference website.

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