Swiss company creates new raw material from plastic waste

A Swiss company is on its way to becoming the first company in the world to use a procedure to change mixed plastic waste into paraffin oil in a CO2-neutral way. This can also be used as a raw material to manufacture new plastic products.

ENESPA AG, which is based in Eastern Switzerland, says that circular economy “has become a reality” for mixed plastic waste. In a press release, it announces that it will be “the first company in the world” to put an innovative recycling plant into operation from fall onwards.

The plant conducts a thermolysis procedure “that can turn mixed plastic waste into high-quality paraffin oil in a CO2-neutral way.” In this way, 1,000 liters of paraffin oil, which is used as a raw material for new plastic products, can be created from 1,000 kilograms of mixed plastic waste.

Engineer and economist Cyrill Hugi, owner and CEO of ENESPA AG, is cited in the press release saying: “The path from the idea to the state we are at today involved lots of learning the hard way, stress and persistence but I am convinced that we are able to massively reduce the plastic waste placing a burden on the environment across the world with our thermolysis recycling system.”

With other companies having already attempted to recycle mixed plastic waste, ENESPA AG is now the first company to implement this recycling on an industrial scale. It uses a modular system for this that can be built anywhere and can also be expanded. One recycling module can process up to 1,000 kilograms of plastic waste per day. The first system is being put into operation in neighboring Germany.

Further locations are to be added soon, with four specific projects already at the starting blocks. Hugi is working together with “financially strong investors from the industry” for this and offers interested parties the opportunity of getting involved in the start-up as a shareholder. He adds that “perseverance and belief in the success of such a project” is needed.

Image credit: Pxhere

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