Sun, sugar and breeze power Cuba’s renewable sector

Cuba is already enjoying the benefits of its ambitious plan to expand its renewable energy sector.

The Caribbean islands’ renewable energy plan through 2030 already saved almost 33,000 tons of fuel last year, reported Xinhua, the Chinese news agency. In 2019, officials said they expected green energy to save more than 54,000 tons of carbon-based fuel.

Currently, Cuba has 65 photovoltaic solar parks that generate around 1.15 percent of the country’s total energy, according to Electricity Department General Director Tatiana Amaran Bogachova at the Cuban Energy and Mines Ministry. Another 15 are planned. When completed, the facilities will generate 42 megawatts of electricity.

Another 700 megawatts worth of smaller solar panels are planned. Currently, around 17,500 homes with solar panels in the country. Almost 700 megawatts in wind turbines and 56 megawatts in hydroelectric plants are planned, too, officials said.

The island is also planning to construct biomass plants to generate power from sugarcane. The first plant under construction around 450 kilometers east of Havana will generate 157 kilowatts of power for each ton of sugar cane that the nearby Ciro Redondo sugar mill processes.

The island is on track to generating 24 percent of its power via renewables in the next five years, officials said.

CleanTechnica, a green news website, noted that Chinese investment is driving much of the growth in Cuba’s renewable sector.

Image credit: 7315741 via Pixabay

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