Solar Impulse promotes cleantech solutions at climate summit

At the upcoming UN climate conference in Paris, the founders and pilots of the solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse want to highlight how new technologies can solve climate change.

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg will participate in a number of high-level events at the climate conference, including the official opening of COP21 on 30 November, writes Solar Impulse.

The pair wants to highlight how investing in solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy is profitable for investors and consumers alike in both developed and emerging markets.

Today’s CO2 emissions are caused by technologies that are 100 years old, says Piccard. “If we were to replace these old polluting systems by new clean technologies that exist already today, we could divide by two the energy consumption of the world and therefore, too, the CO2 emissions.”

Borschberg calls their solar-powered airplane “a tangible example of the power of clean technologies.” All the technologies integrated into Solar Impulse can be adopted in our daily lives, he says.

In the lead-up to the UN climate conference, Piccard published a manifesto of seven principles to highlight that solving climate change does not have to require financial and lifestyle sacrifices, but is rather a unique opportunity to create both profit and jobs.


Photo credit: © Solar Impulse | Ackermann |

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