Solar Impulse lands in Nanjing

The solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse 2 reached Nanjing in China, completing leg 6 of its round-the-world solar flight. The next part of the journey will involve crossing the Pacific Ocean powered only by the sun.

Solar Impulse landed successfully in Nanjing following a 20-day stay in Chongqing. The sixth leg of the journey was essential from a technical perspective because it was used to verify and fine-tune final elements in preparation of the Pacific Ocean crossing scheduled for early May.

“We now have less than a month to mentally and physically prepare for what will be Solar Impulse’s longest flight to date,” said André Borschberg, CEO, co-founder and pilot of Solar Impulse. The Pacific Ocean crossing will require flying five consecutive days and nights Nanjing to Hawaii in a solar-powered aircraft. If they succeed, the Swiss pilots will break a world record with the Pacific crossing.

After crossing the Pacific Ocean, Solar Impulse will stop in the United States, and then either North Africa or Southern Europe, before returning to Abu Dhabi to complete the first ever round-the-world solar flight.


Photo credit: Solar Impulse

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