Solar Impulse calls on world leaders for practical solutions

Solar Impulse co-pilot André Borschberg is urging world leaders at the current climate change talks in Bonn to find practical solutions to climate change.

Solar Impulse co-founders and co-pilots Betrand Piccard and André Borschberg are critical that climate negotiators are fond of speaking about wishful goals but fail to agree on practical solutions that can be implemented today.

In a news statement, Piccard insists that “we will never improve the situation if we continue to speak of climate change as a big and expensive problem or by asking people to reduce their lifestyle to protect nature.” He instead urges world leaders to focus on the numerous clean technology solutions that reduce energy consumption and C02 emissions, adding that these can even generate profit, create jobs and sustain economic growth.

Borschberg tells negotiators that existing energy efficient solutions and clean technologies should be further supported “to help open new markets for the industries reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs simultaneously.” Solar Impulse, the world’s only zero-fuel airplane powered solely by the sun, demonstrates that these technologies are ready for use.

In order to provide a platform where the public can support and provide input into the upcoming climate change talks in Paris in December, Solar Impulse launched the initiative with Prince Albert II of Monaco, Mikhael Gorbachev and Richard Branson. The aim is to raise millions of voices and urge governments to implement “concrete solutions for a clean future.”


Photo credit: © Solar Impulse | Stefatou |

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