Single climate reporting platform for cities underway

CDP and ICLEI are teaming up to develop a unified platform city climate reporting. This will simplify how cities report their climate actions and better enable them to protect themselves from climate impacts.

Reporting on climate change for cities and towns of all sizes is about to get a lot easier, according to a statement from CDP. It is teaming up with ICLEI to develop a single, unified platform for city climate reporting. From 2019 onwards, the ICLEI network of cities, towns and regions will report alongside C40 member cities on CDP’s online reporting platform. The result is that cities will only have to report once on one platform.

“By streamlining the two systems into one centralized entry point, we hope to radically simplify how cities report and better enable them to track efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, build climate resilience and protect themselves from climate impacts,” writes Kyra Appleby, director of Cities at CDP.

The aim of the new, unified platform is to help local governments manage their cities to better understand the opportunities available to them, while at the same time provide vital information for investors to feel confident in their funding decisions.

“Because of this, we will have data that is robust and standardized across all cities… that gives the confidence to cities to know what they are doing, for investors to know what they are investing in, and… for national governments to really understand how much cities have been able to contribute,” said the former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres.


Image credit: Dominic Chavez/World Bank via Flickr

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