Singapore heads for most energy efficient office

Singapore could welcome its most energy-efficient office building by 2018. The “3for2” construction project, which focuses on energy-efficient air-conditioning that also saves space, has had its first month of successful operation.

Singapore could soon be home to its most energy-efficient office block, thanks to the so-called “3for2” project on air-conditioning technologies.

The aim of the project, which is led by the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich in partnership with Siemens Building Technologies and United World College South East Asia (UWCSEA), is to find out whether energy-efficient heating technology that works well in continental Europe could also cool buildings in a hot and humid climate.

Singapore is a convenient location for the project, because air-conditioning accounts for approximately 60 per cent of energy consumption across buildings in the country.

The concept should not only make air-conditioning systems more environmentally friendly, but also smaller. It could allow conventional buildings an additional floor without changing the building volume.

UWCSEA offered space for the “3for2” building, which the researchers will likely use for two years. Data collected so far indicates that, across three weeks of operation in December, the energy consumption of the office space was already among the lowest 10 per cent of large office buildings in the country.

Dr Adam Rysanek, senior researcher, said: “Based on these initial performance indicators, we should be able to lower our energy footprint by a further 40 per cent upon fine tuning the systems we’ve already installed – and installing some new ones by 2018.”

Photo credit: Michaela Loheit/ CC BY-ND 2.0

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