September 21st is World Cleanup Day – a message from OceanCare

In terms of waste management, Switzerland is often considered a role model. In reality, things look different: Every month 10 to 13 tonnes of plastic waste end up on our riverbanks and lakesides (Swiss Litter Report 2018). The EPFL in Lausanne estimates that the Rhone carries 10 kg of microplastics to France and thus to the Mediterranean every day.

OceanCare has been campaigning against marine pollution for many years: We rescue marine animals that suffer from plastic waste and we organize beach cleanings with our partners. In the past, we have been active in Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Italy and Spain.

On “World Cleanup Day”, 21st September, we will organize a cleanup in ZurichWith Trash Hero, other partner organisations and more than 100 volunteers, we will be collecting waste – on land and in the water. Cleanups will take place all over the world. Find a cleanup near you here.

Image credit: Kevin Krejci, flickr

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