Saving the world for $121 per year

According to a large number of politicians and business leaders, we should not be too worried about the destruction of the world through global warming; the important thing is to keep the price of fossil fuel low.
We beg to differ! We believe that our society could easily handle slightly higher energy prices, as the technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste are available. Global warming, on the other hand, represents a serious threat to humanity with unknown consequences for the future. To make matters worse, the effects of climate change are largely irreversible: once ecosystems have been destroyed and species have gone extinct, they cannot easily be resurrected.
How much would it cost to make our society more sustainable? We do not know for sure, but it would be very easy to find out. The introduction of a global fee on fossil fuel would immediately tell us to what extent CO2 emissions can be reduced and what the effects on the economy would be. The costs would be very moderate – roughly $121 per person and year – and we could start right away.
The choice is therefore this: either we conduct an uncontrolled and irreversible experiment with the only livable planet in the known universe or we conduct a simple, risk-free, and reversible experiment with the economy to see if we can reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. Amazingly, the people in favor of the destroying the Earth seem to be winning the argument. They are fighting hard, not because they believe that the idea of a more sustainable society is unrealistic but because they are afraid it could succeed: people might actually prefer living in a society that wastes less resources.
Let us give our children a reason not to hate us. The only way to create a more sustainable world is for people from the industrialized world – the rich consumers – to start demanding action from the politicians. GISEco is intended as a rallying point for everyone concerned about climate change. More details can be found here:

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