Revolutionizing agriculture with vertical farming

Swiss startup Growcer AG is currently building an automated urban vertical farm. Robots sow, water and fertilize the vegetables, which are then harvested by humans. The concept promises to drastically reduce carbon emissions, water and fertilizer.

The first automated vegetable farm is currently being built in the Swiss city of Basel. And it promises to revolutionize the agriculture sector.

“The production chamber is sealed off from the environment, allowing us to produce vegetables all year round without using any pesticides and by using 90 per cent less water,” is how Florian explains the principle of the Greenhouse 2.0 in a newspaper article.

The Swiss startup is also investing in a multi-storey facility that will make it possible to reduce land consumption by stacking the vegetable beds vertically. As the production area is sealed off from the environment, work can be conducted day and night. At night, when too much electricity is produced, the LED lights can be left on continuously, whereas it will be kept dark during the day. The production facilities should also be located close to the consumer to cut down on transport emissions.

Growcer now wants to focus on producing market-competitive prices. “We can even produce some products at lower prices, but others are still too expensive for the moment,” said Florian. For this reason, his company is currently focusing on “fresh products such as leafy greens and herbs, some of which are being imported these days”.

Image credit: Joshua Lanzarini via Unsplash

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