prelovedREVOLUTION, Switzerlands first circular fashion platform

Preloved is the trend towards falling in love again with design and value, environmentaly concious stars like Chloe Sevigny, Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts wear preloved, or vintage fashion even on the red carpet.

prelovedREVOLUTION is the first circular fashion marketplace for buying and selling preloved, vintage and eco-social designers. Fashionistas of all ages will find a large selection of iconic prêt-à-porter clothing by Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, Azzedine Alaia and John Galliano, among others. Designer legends who designed fashion for strong women.
In addition, there are rare couture dresses by Hervé Léger, Robert Siega, as well as tailor made treasures for women and men.

prelovedREVOLUTION is bridging the gap between luxury and sustainability.

Therefore upcycled, recycled, eco-social or vegan products are also welcome on the marketplace, alongside jewellery and lifestyle articles. But fast fashion is taboo!

The intention is not only to give luxury fashion brands, but also high-quality design articles a value, even if there is no big name behind it. Every piece that is not newly manufactured saves energy and valuable raw materials and first-class products testify to quality and longevity and can be passed on from generation to generation.

Great importance is also emphasized to sustainability in shipping, “no plastic” is implemented and already used cartons will be re-sent.

The fashion industry is using a lot of resources and is big polluter, it is therefore important to bring fashion into a circular economy.

Foto: prelovedREVOLUTION

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