Platform helps consumers find sustainable fashion

Looking to buy sustainable clothing? is a platform offering a listing of stores selling sustainable textiles in Switzerland, including prelovedREVOLUTION.

Founders Barbara and Isabelle, two fair fashion activists from Bern, were working on the Clean Clothes Campaign for Public Eye Bern. They realised that many people would like to buy fair fashion, but don`t know where. The effort of finding such stores nearby or online can be overwhelming. This inspired them to create the platform Environmentally conscious consumers can now find what they are looking for much more easily, be it fair trade and second hand stores, or fleamarkets and trading events.

Prioritising fairly and sustainably produced clothing, as well as second hand items, should be the main goal, states Isabelle. She is also a big fan of what she calls slow shopping, and uses her grandmother´s habits as an example. Take the time to think about what you actually need, instead of buying impulsively. Be picky when selecting clothing, make sure its quality will outlast just a few wears, and cherish your new clothes by properly caring for and mending them to increase their lifespan. You will likely buy less but enjoy wearing these items more than an impulsive purchase!

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