PET fibers help make cars lighter and quieter

Swiss automotive supplier Autoneum has developed a fiber material that can reduce the noise of electric motors. Components made of Hybrid-Acoustics PET consist entirely of PET, which is largely obtained from recycled fibers.

According to an Autoneum statement, Hybrid-Acoustics PET is “used to encapsulate electric motors, thereby reducing noise directly at the source and particularly attenuating high-frequency sounds of the electric drive unit”. The patented innovation, which is based on a unique fiber material, ensures “optimum noise protection” in electric vehicles.

What’s more, components made from this material are up to 40% lighter than conventional insulators, allowing them to contribute to a greater driving range. They are also flameproof and can be used with traditional combustion engines thanks to their temperature resistance of up to 180°C.

As the material is made mostly from recycled PET fibers, all parts and components are “produced waste-free and are completely recyclable”, allowing Autoneum to contribute towards resource-efficient mobility.

Image credit: Autoneum


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