Passive House pioneers receive sustainability award

Passive House pioneers have been awarded the Sustainable Building Award in recognition for their contributions to energy efficiency in buildings. Physicists Professor Emeritus Bo Adamson and Professor Wolfgang Feist developed the concept of a building that needs no active heating more than 25 years ago.

The Passive House principle is based on five key principles: an excellent level of insulation, avoidance of thermal bridges, highly insulating windows and frames, an airtight building envelope, and ventilation with heat recovery.

Later research projects were able to demonstrate that the principle works for all building uses, regardless of construction type or climate, provided that the heating and cooling energy demands remain below scientifically predefined limits.

The Sustainable Building Award is conferred by the Swedish SUEB Foundation in cooperation with the University of Lund. Professors Feist and Adamson received the award in the “Innovators” category.


Photo credit: Passivhaus Institut

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