Paris moves to replace petrol and diesel engines

The municipal government of Paris wants to rid the city’s streets of diesel cars by 2024, and no petrol ones either come 2030. But instead of pursuing a ban, the government aims to encourage residents to purchase cars with ‘clean’ drives or use public transport.

The information in the French press was so clear that the Parisian municipal government had to issue a strong disclaimer: “Several media announced on Thursday morning that ‘Paris wants to ban diesel and petrol and vehicles by 2030’,” wrote the city in a statement. “This information is false.”

But it has set itself the ambitious goal of removing diesel cars from the city’s streets by 2024 and petrol ones by 2030.

2024 was not chosen by chance. It’s the year that the French capital will host the Summer Olympic Games. And 2030 relates to the country’s environment minister, Nicolas Hulot, who earlier this year announced that he wants to phase out internal combustion engines across France by 2040. To achieve this, petrol cars will have to leave the country’s big cities by 2030, explained the Parisian municipal government.

But unlike other cities, Paris isn’t keen on implementing a ban. It instead wants to focus on encouraging a change of behaviour.

One way is to expand public transport in the city and surrounding areas, such as the Grand Paris Express: a network of six driverless metro lines in and around the city that should be built by 2030. The city also wants to encourage residents to purchase cars with ‘clean’ engines and expand the network of bicycle paths.


Image credit: MonicaVolpin via Pixabay

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