Paris landmark to get a ‘green’ makeover

Nouvelle AOM won an international competition to renovate Paris’ infamous Tour Montparnasse. The green makeover is set to be completed in time for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Tour Montparnasse is legendary for being the most hated building in Paris. But thanks to a bold new design, the 59-storey, 210-metre skyscraper will soon boast a new facade that will turn the tower into an “icon of the 21st century energy revolution”.

As ArchDaily reported, the architectural consortium Nouvelle OAM beat out the other finalist Studio Gang to win the international competition to renovate and redesign Tour Montparnasse. The jury praised the winning entry for its “powerful, dynamic and bold new identity”.

The new design features a vegetated facade on the lower floors of the building and replaces the heavy, opaque surfaces on the upper floors with light, transparent ones.

“Nouvelle AOM’s project perfectly captures the spirit of the 21st century, giving the Tower a multifaceted identity revolving around attractive, innovative new uses. The Tower will breathe new life into the Montparnasse neighbourhood,” the jury explained.

Jean-Louis Missika, the deputy mayor of Paris for urban planning, commended the choice of winner: “Nouvelle AOM’s project is perfectly aligned with our architectural vision: resolutely focused on uses, kind to the environment and exemplary in terms of energy efficiency.”

The €300 million project, financed entirely by the building’s co-owners, is scheduled to be completed in time for the Paris Summer Olympic Games in 2024.


Image credit: Screenshot from Nouvelle AOM video

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