ICIS Innovation Award Winners, Renmatix and Virent, have announced a strategic collaboration on bio-based packaging.

The joint collaboration seeks to convert affordable cellulosic sugars into renewable chemicals and bio-based packaging materials.

Selected by ICIS as the Best Innovation by a small to mid-sized enterprise, the Renmatix Plantrose™ process produces affordable cellulosic sugars that can be used in every products like paints, diapers, laundry detergents or bottles and other types of plastic packaging.

Virent’s BioFormPX™ won this year’s ICIS award for Best Innovation for Sustainability. The bio-product is chemically identical to paraxylene made from petroleum and allows manufacturers to offer customers 100 per cent bio-based PET packaging, fibres and films. In 2011, it entered into a strategic partnership with The Coca-Cola Company to accelerate the commercialisation of 100 per cent, renewable, recyclable PlantBottle®packaging.

“Our focus is on helping to advance breakthrough bio-plastic technologies we believe can be scaled and sustained,” said Scott Vitters, General Manager, PlantBottle Packaging Innovation Platform, The Coca-Cola Company.

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