Nissan launches solar business

Nissan is following into Tesla’s footsteps. The automaker of the world’s best-selling electric vehicle has announced the retail launch of Nissan Energy Solar in the UK. This new integrated home energy solution offers customers solar panels, battery storage and a home-energy management system.

The new solar home energy solution is currently only available in the UK, but media outlets around the world have reported that they could imagine this new solution being rolled out in other countries as well. Following in Tesla’s footsteps, Nissan also wants to offer the full sustainability package from electric car models to home solutions like solar panels and battery storage systems.

The Japanese company promises customers a reduction in household electricity bills of up to 66 per cent, increased independence from the national grid and electricity providers as well as the ability to generate, store and manage energy for use overnight – even on overcast or rainy days. They can also charge their Nissan EVs with the new system.

In terms of the energy storage systems customers can either use new or second life batteries from Nissan electric vehicles. This maximises the use of recyclable materials for intelligent living and a more sustainable future, the company writes in a statement. The new solution also includes a home energy management system that allows users to control how and when they use their energy.

Nissan hopes to not only provide UK homeowners with significant savings on their household electricity bills, but also to “become champions of sustainability and green technology,” as Gareth Dunsmore, Electric Vehicle Director, Nissan Europe said. According to Dunsmore more than 880,000 people in the UK already use solar panels.

Image credit: Nissan

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