New York recycles Nespresso capsules

New York City’s waste service is now offering a curbside program to encourage New Yorkers to recycle their Nespresso coffee capsules. Nespresso has committed to invest $1.2 million to help sort and recycle small aluminium products.

The New York City Department of Sanitation and Sims Municipal Recycling are encouraging New Yorkers to recycle their Nespresso coffee capsules and other lightweight aluminum items through the city’s curbside program. Starting last week on America Recycles Day, New Yorkers can now recycle all small aluminum products in the same recycling bins as they do plastic, glass and other materials.

Coffee capsule giant Nespresso announced earlier in the year that it will commit $1.2 million to improve the recovery of small aluminum and better allow for the curbside recycling of its coffee capsules in New York City. The products can be recycled into new products, such as automative parts and soda cans.

“We make our capsules from aluminum because it’s a fully recyclable metal and it is an excellent material for preserving the quality of our coffee,” said Guillaume Le Cunff, President and CEO of Nespresso USA.

“We are constantly innovating to make recycling easier for Nespresso customers and to contribute new solutions to all recycling challenges, and we’re excited to help improve recovery in New York City and lessen the amount of all kinds of aluminum in our landfills today.”

Image credit: Karsten Seiferlin via Flickr

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