Think tank aims to make world more resilient

The Metabolic Institute will work at the intersection of academic research and real-world experimentation to help build a regenerative economy guided by the planetary boundaries. The new think tank will prioritize open access to existing knowledge.

Amsterdam-based consultancy Metabolic has launched its own think tank called the Metabolic Institute. The new institute will connect expert knowledge at across scales in order to help build a regenerative economy.

“As a society, what we are really good at is creating expertise at specific scales: at the micro, meso and macro,” said Metabolic Institute director Liz Corbin. “However, what we are really bad at is connecting expertise across scales to create a really holistic understanding of a system.

The institute, which was launched mid-October, intends to change this. “The challenge becomes not how to be clever at any one scale, but how to be clever about connecting these scales together.”

According to Corbin, the Metabolic Institute will take a regenerative design approach to its work “so that we can leave the world in a richer, more resilient state than we found it”.

Another priority is open access to knowledge that can help inform sustainability efforts. To this end, the institute will actively work to support the efforts of initiatives such as SciHub, Creative Commons, Public Library of Science and PubPub.

Metabolic founder Eva Gladek said that the new institute will complement Metabolic’s consulting and venture-building work. “We realized that in tackling the types of challenges that we’re trying to tackle, you actually need different approaches, different methods to really transform society to a more sustainable state,” Gladek said. “And for us, the Institute was a key piece that was missing.”

Image credit: charamelody via Flickr

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