New app lets you track your climate impact

A new app developed in Norway motivates people and businesses to reduce their environmental impact by revealing the carbon footprint of their everyday actions. Friends can even compete with each other to see who saves the most CO2.

“Your choices make a difference,” says Silje Strøm Solberg, who helped create the app. “With Ducky, you can easily see the environmental impact of actions you take in everyday life and learn about why they’re important.”

The app lets users log a variety of activities, such as cycling, driving and grocery shopping. It even includes a social element by letting users follow other people who log their activities or to compete with other users to save the most CO2, according to an article from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), which collaborated with Solberg and Ducky AS to develop the app.

Key to the app is the calculations, which are based on Norwegian consumer and habit patterns and are calculated by NTNU, one of the first organisations in the world to conduct these types of calculations, says Solberg.

Solberg was motivated to develop Ducky in response to what she perceived as negative attitudes towards climate change or the difficulty people have figuring out which products have the least impact on the future, which actions they can take to make a difference on an individual basis, or which companies are committed to sustainability.

Rather than waiting for governments to make policies that will facilitate consumer decisions, Solberg decided to develop Ducky to make it easier for people to make – and share – their environmentally friendly choices. She is convinced that people genuinely want to make the best choice and believes that Ducky will give them the information that they need to do so.

The app is currently in development and will be released in 2016.


Photo credit: NTNU


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