Nestlé launches vegan burgers in US and Switzerland

Global food giant Nestlé is expanding its plant-based food range in the US and Switzerland is response to new food trends and a growing concern about the environmental impact of meat production.

Nestlé announced last week that it launching plant-based burgers and grounds in the US, its largest market, and in its home country of Switzerland. The products “look and cook like raw beef and provide a juicy, meat-like taste and texture”.

In the US, it has launched the Awesome Burger and Awesome Grounds, which are made with yellow pea protein. The products are sold under the Sweet Earth brand, which Nestlé acquired in 2017.

In Switzerland, Nestlé is introducing the Incredible Burger and Incredible Mince through its Garden Gourmet brand. The burger is made from soy and wheat protein and the mince from soy protein. Both products contain natural plant extracts, such as beetroot, carrot and bell pepper, and vegetable fats, including chopped coconut oil.

Nestlé’s new plant-based alternatives are in response to changing consumer preferences. According to Nestlé, consumption of meat-free meals has risen by 13% compared to the previous year and by 28% compared to 2017.

The plant-based burgers and mince are also far more environmentally friendly to produce, using less water and emitting up to 80% less carbon than the production of regular beef burgers.

Image credit: Nestlé

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