Kyocera builds floating solar power plant

Kyocera TCL Solar has completed construction of its latest solar power plant, making it the third floating mega-power plant in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Due to the difficulty of securing tracts of land suitable for utility-scale power plants in Japan, Kyocera TCL Solar began installing floating solar power generation systems last year. The company has now completed construction of its third floating solar power plant, a 2.3 MW plant that will generate around 2,680 megawatt hours per year.

Kyocera used 9,072 solar modules to construct the mega power plant. The company predicts that it will produce enough electricity to power approximately 820 households. It comes after the success of its earlier 1.7 MW and 1.2 MW respectively floating power plants, also built in Hyogo Prefecture.

The availability of abundant water surfaces in Japan is only one reason why Kyocera has turned to floating solar power plants. These installations also typically generate more electricity than ground-mount and rooftop systems due to the cooling effective of water. The systems even improve water quality because by shading the water, they reduce water evaporation and algae growth. Kyocera is already planning a fourth floating solar power plant with six times the capacity.

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