Intelligent cities are more prosperous

Cities with an intelligent and interconnected urban transport system can minimise costs. Communications, efficient operations and integration, all hallmarks of smart urban transport, play an important role and can yield significant economic benefits.

Many cities have individualised and decentralised – some even call them “disconnected” – transport systems that fail to connect the parts of the city to the whole, according to an Urban Gateway article. Smart technologies are needed to better integrate these networks. For example, Barcelona has undertaken a multi-year programme, “Smart City Barcelona” to ensure that city services reach all citizens.

One example of this type of technology that is now being developed in Barcelona is called “CityOS” (operating system). It should create an open platform that unites the various smart technology projects operating across the city. This is expected to reduce the operating costs of transport systems and improve the daily commuting experience. Improved transport systems are shown to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Many smart technology solutions are already feasible, explains the article. These include traffic cameras, variable message signs, traffic detectors, weather stations and mobile apps to improve urban transport.


Photo credit: Mehmet Aktugan, flickr/Creative Commons

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