Inner-city neighbourhoods to get rooftop solar panels

 The White House plans to install 300 megawatts of solar power in subsidised housing by 2020 in a bid to cut electricity bills and signal Barack Obama’s commitment to fight climate change in the lead up to the Paris climate change talks.

The latest initiative is the second move by the Obama administration to expand solar since April and comes on the heels of dozens of new initiatives launched by the White House since the beginning of 2015 to fight climate change, reports the Guardian.

Although America is currently in the midst of a rooftop solar boom thanks to falling installation costs, only about 1 per cent of the country’s electricity comes from solar energy. According to White House officials, nearly half of all US households cannot install solar panels because they are renters or their properties are too small, according to the article.

In a bid to give everybody access to solar energy, the White House plans to work with housing authorities and solar companies in 20 states to improve financing packages for rooftop solar panels in inner-city neighbourhoods. Such a move would both cut electricity bills for the poorest members of society while also creating new jobs in the neighbourhoods that need them most.


Photo credit: Centre for Alternative Technology, flickr/Creative Commons

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