HP invests in sustainable ink solutions

IT giant HP has announced that it is investing $200 million in the next generation of water-based print solutions for corrugated packaging and textiles.

HP is making a substantial investment in its efforts to drive sustainable innovation in water-based print solutions. The company announced that it is investing $200 million over five or more years to develop water-based ink technologies for printing digitally on corrugated packaging and textiles.

According to a company press release, traditional textile coloration uses technologies that can be problematic from a water emissions perspective. Some 20% of industrial water pollution comes from garment manufacturing, estimates the World Resources Institute.

“Investing in water-based solutions that meet market needs and the increasing sustainability requirements of graphics customers is expected to propel business growth for HP,” said Santi Morera, general manager and global head of graphics solutions at HP. “We will be dedicating resources toward continued innovation and industry disruption to accelerate safer, simpler and more sustainable water-based printing technologies that meet the quality, performance and economics needed by these markets.”

HP has already shown leadership with its water-based inks for corrugated packaging in the food sector. It is now collaborating with the textile industry to make the right choices for water-based digital platforms that satisfy quality requirements for health and safety while at the same time reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.

According to HP, water-based ink solutions for the corrugate and textile printing markets could have beneficial effects along the entire product lifecycle, from the people operating the printing systems to the end users of the printed product, and ultimately for the final reuse, recycling or disposal of that product.

Image credit: Sarah Richter via Pixabay

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