Green Signals: Ecology, Growth, and Democracy in India

greensignalsBy Jairam Ramesh

The debate on whether to privilege economic growth over ecological security is passé. Environmental considerations must be at the heart of economic growth, especially for a country of 1.25 billion people destined to add another 400 million by the middle of the century. Green Signals chronicles the ‘1991 moment’ in India’s environmental decision-making, telling the story of how, for the first time, the doors of the environment ministry were opened to voices, hitherto unheard, into the policy-making process. It details efforts to change the way environment is viewed both by proponents of environmental security and those who prize economic growth at all costs.

Told from the perspective of a pivotal decision-maker, the book addresses the challenges involved in trying to ensure economic growth with ecological security. It takes us through India’s coming of age in the global environmental and climate change community to take on a leadership role that was progressive, proactive, and steeped in national interest.

This collection reveals the story of the author’s attempt at the highest levels of governance to introduce effective decision-making, a transparent and accountable administration and to make environmental concerns an essential component of a nation’s quest to accelerate economic growth and end the scourge of poverty and deprivation.

Jairam Ramesh, MP, is Chair of the Future Earth Engagement Committee, a research platform on global sustainability and formerly, Minister of State (Independent Charge) Environment and Forests, Government of India.

Publication date:16 February 2015
Publisher:Oxford University Press India
Hardback: 616 pages
ISBN: 9780199457526

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