Gatwick launches electric car sharing service

The UK’s second busiest airport has teamed up with Bluecity to offer an electric car sharing scheme. Passengers, staff and local residents can reserve and pick up an electric car at Gatwick and return it to any of 300 compatible pick up/drop off points across the city or back at the airport.

Under the partnership, Gatwick passengers and staff as well as local residents can reserve and pick up a fully electric car at Gatwick airport and return it to any of 300 compatible pick up/drop off points across London or back at Gatwick. For now, 10 electric cars and charging points are currently available at Gatwick, but discussions are in progress with Bluecity to increase capacity. Gatwick airport is Bluecity’s first airport hub.

“We believe this new service is a fantastic solution for travellers,” Bluecity’s managing director Christophe Arnaud said in a press release. “Our cars are powered exclusively with 100 per cent renewable energy, making the service the greenest and most affordable transport option to and from Central London.”

The new point-to-point service gives people using the airport a convenient, zero emissions travel option for getting directly to and from the airport and is designed to be easy to locate and use, with customers able to reserve a car in seconds via the Bluecity app.

The service is flexible and works both ways, so that those travelling to Gatwick from the capital can pick up a car at any of the London-based charging points and drop it off at the airport.

A standard journey in a Bluecity car from central London is also an affordable travel option to the airport. According to Gatwick airport, the four-seater’s drive from Central London to the very front of the airport will cost around £15 in moderate traffic.

Car sharing is growing in popularity in the UK and this new partnership is putting Gatwick on track to be the UK’s most sustainable airport. It is already accredited as a carbon neutral airport and uses 100 per cent renewable electricity. What’s more, nearly half of passengers currently get to the airport by public transport.

Image credit: Bluecity/Gatwick

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