Frequent floods threaten New York City

The effects of climate change could cause hurricanes to flood New York City’s coastline every 20 years, a new study has revealed. The Thomson Reuters Foundation reported that water could surge by almost three metres.

The effects of climate change on sea levels and hurricane activity could lead to a flooding risk every 20 years in New York City.

Scientists have revealed that water could surge by some 2.8 metres in hurricanes, occurring anywhere between three and 17 times more frequently than today.

The inundations, reported by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, could affect where we live and how we work, and could cause problems with the ecosystem.

The study aimed to measure how frequently floods like those produced by Hurricane Sandy in America could occur until 2100.

Sandy devastated the country’s northeastern coast in 2012, killing more than 120 people and causing some USD 70 billion of property damage.

If the climate remains as it is, hurricanes like this would occur about once every 400 years, according to the scientists.

The projections highlight the importance of slashing greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, concluded the report.

Photo credit: Roman Kruglov/ CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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