Former railway in Singapore to become 24-kilometre-long park

A former railway corridor that runs the entire length of Singapore will be transformed into a lush and accessible park that will include boardwalks, cycling paths and spaces for social events.

The winning design was submitted by the Japanese planning firm Nikken Sekkei in collaboration with Tierra Design and Arup Singapore. It transforms the disused rail corridor into a 24-kilometre long, multipurpose park that runs Singapore’s entire length: from the Tanjong Pagar Railways station in the south to its border with Malaysia in the north. The proposal was selected by a panel from Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority, reports ArchDaily.

Called Lines of Life, the project features green areas, footpaths and bicycle paths, as well as 21 modular platforms or stations that can be flexibly integrated over the coming years and which will provide a range of amenities such as lighting, toilets, resting points and water stations. The project also includes eight so-called activity nodes ranging from urban plaza for outdoor movie screenings and other social events, rainforest viewing platforms and nature boardwalks.

Nikken Sekkei calls Lines of Life a “seamless public space” that preserves and reintegrates existing green areas to offer a relaxed extension of modern life. The design “stitches” the country from north to south as well as from west to east by weaving “communities on both sides into the life of the rail corridor” to provide a continuous high quality public space that adds to Singapore’s already high quality of life. The project team believes that it will act as a catalyst for further development and community bonding.


Photo credit: Copyright Nikken Sekkei

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