Fairphone 3 now for sale

The third generation modular phone from Fairphone is now available across Europe from selected online retailers and operators. The modular Fairphone 3 is more reliable and durable and comes in a sleeker and slimmer design – all while making the supply chain fairer.

Dutch social enterprise Fairphone is closing the gap between performance and sustainability with its latest, most advanced smartphone to date: the Fairphone 3.

Like its predecessor, the Fairphone 3 is a modular smartphone that is designed to support easy repairs. More reliable and durable than its predecessor, it comes in sleeker and slimmer design with improved technical specifications for even the most demanding users: long battery life, high-performance Qualcomm 632 processor, 12 MP Duel Pixel rear camera and 8 MP front camera, robust glass, and 64GB of memory that can be expanded to over 256GB with a MicroSD.

The phone is being sold in a sustainable and reusable packaging and is being delivered with its own protective bumper to help it last even longer in the face of everyday knocks and bumps.

According to a press release announcing the smartphone’s release, Fairphone continues to make its supply chain fairer for all those involved, from protecting workers rights to sourcing and recycling materials. For example, the Fairphone 3 is made with responsibly sourced, conflict-free tin and tungsten, recycled copper and plastics, and Fairtrade gold, and efforts are underway to better source cobalt. And to combat e-waste, Fairphone supports collection programs in countries like Ghana and rewards buyers who use its recycling program to return their previous phones.

“We envision an economy where consideration for people and the planet is a natural part of doing business and according to this vision, we have created scalable ways to improve our supply chain and product,” said Fairphone CEO Eva Gouwens.

“By establishing a market for ethical products, we want to motivate the entire industry to act more responsibly since we cannot achieve this change alone.”

Image credit: Fairphone

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