EU expands list of critical raw materials

The European Commission has published a list of which raw materials are at high supply risk due to the fact that they are only produced in a few countries. Since 2011, six new materials have been added to the list.

The current list contains 20 materials, including 13 of the 14 materials identified in the previous list of 2011, with only tantalum moving out of the list due to a lower supply risk.

The list should help incentivise the European production of critical raw materials and facilitate the launching of new mining and recycling activities. The list is also being used by the Commission when negotiating trade agreements and to promote research and innovation.

According to the European Commission, the automotive, aerospace and renewable energy sectors are highly dependant on raw materials. European companies will be able to use the list to evaluate the supply risk of the raw materials used in their products.


Photo credit: Leo Reynolds/Creative Commons

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