Equitable urban development urgently needed

Participants at the 7th World Urban Forum are calling for equitable urban development. Action must be taken urgently to bring sustainable urban development to all.

Since 2008 the majority of the world’s population has been living in cities, explains the Forum’s Declaration. Urbanisation has influenced almost everything, including ways of thinking and acting, lifestyles and the ways of using space. For many, urbanisation has brought about economic growth, development and prosperity.

However, cities are also spaces where there is inequality when it comes to poverty and vulnerability to disasters. Efforts have been to ensure that urban places can overcome challenges to sustainable and inclusive development, but much work remains to be done.

In their Declaration, the participants call on governments to develop new urbanisation methods, that are grounded in principles of equity, justice and human rights. Social divides, particularly as they affect women, youth and indigenous peoples, should be broken down. In addition, governments should strengthen resilience to climate change and natural disasters, while also promoting the participation of the private sector in these efforts.

Picture credit: Michael Janich/Creative Commons

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