Environmental pollution solutions to go global

Technology that could fix some of the world’s biggest environmental pollution problems will soon be available to global markets, thanks to the signing of a new partnership in Australia. 

Technology developed in Australia to solve environmental pollution problems such as oil spills, mercury pollution and fertiliser runoff will soon be available to global markets following the signing of a landmark partnership with Flinders University.

The collaboration, between new generation environmental technology company Clean Earth Technologies (CET) and the Chalker Research Lab at Flinders, will support ongoing development of the absorbent polysulfide “clean-up” agent invented by award-winning Flinders scientist Associate Professor Justin Chalker, announced a statement.

Clean Earth Technologies executives have formalised the agreement which assigns a suite of patents to the Singapore-based company. CET will commercialise the new polysulfide material for global markets, with plans to set up the first manufacturing facility in South Australia.

The patents cover numerous areas, including a class of novel polymers used for environmental remediation, and a new mercury- and cyanide-free method of precious metal extraction and recovery.

“We are heavily focused on some of the biggest and most challenging environmental problems in the world today — devastating oil spills, growing piles of e-waste and toxic mercury pollution,” commented CET Chairman and co-founder Paul Hanna. “We are looking for smarter, more effective solutions and our partnership with Flinders University, and the Chalker Research Lab, will go a long way to addressing many of these problems.”

He added that the new technology can also save the lives of thousands of small, artisanal miners around the world who use poisonous chemicals, like mercury, to survive and the communities around them.”

Photo credit: ideum, flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

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