Energy-positive family car unveiled

Students from Eindhoven University of Technology have presented a new solar-powered car that generates more power than it uses. The car seats up to four people.

The Stella Lux is an intelligent, solar-powered family car with a range of at least 1,000 kilometres and is fitted with a specially designed navigation system. By combining aerodynamic design with lightweight materials like carbon and aluminium, on balance the car generates more energy than it uses, which makes it energy-positive. Excess energy can be returned to the power grid.

The Solar Team Eindhoven, made up of students from Eindhoven University, is taking the car to Australia to once again participate in the biennial Bridgestone World Solar Challenge on 15 October 2015. With the Stella Lux, the student team will compete in the Cruiser Class for family cars, in which the emphasis is on building a practical, user-friendly solar-powered car, rather than on pure speed.

“By deciding to further improve on our solar-powered four-person car, we’re once again aiming to win while at the same time proving that this energy-positive family car offers a viable future scenario”, says Solar Team Eindhoven’s Team Manager Tom Selten.


Photo credit: © Bart van Overbeeke

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