Electric water taxi to sail on Lake Geneva

French startup SeaBubbles has successfully tested its electric water taxi on Lake Geneva. Resembling a car, the zero emissions boat will soon be equipped with an ABB software and will replace water taxis in the future.

SeaBubbles demonstrated its futuristic water taxi on Lake Geneva in Switzerland on 13 April. The five-seat, 100% electric boat looks similar to a car – but without the emissions. When it reaches 12 kilometres per hour, it starts “flying” or hovering above the water, which prevents seasickness. Once the ride is over, it returns back to water level to reach the dock.

According to SeaBubbles, the propulsion system, hydraulic system and hydrodynamic design come from the nautical industry. The interior design and the design of the upper deck are from the car industry, while the foils are from the aeronautic industry.

The water taxi will soon be equipped with ABB Ability Marine Advisory System OCTOPUS, a software solution that helps vessel operators gather and analyze all relevant data to optimize water travel.

In the future, the innovative vehicle will operate as a water taxi on Lake Geneva. ABB calls it a “milestone in the development of new forms of transportation that do not impact the environment or place any burden on urban infrastructure”.

Image credit: SeaBubbles

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