Dubai to build world’s largest pedestrian city

Dubai is on track to build the world’s largest shopping mall – and in doing so, the world’s largest pedestrian city. The so-called ‘city-within-a-city’ will also provide refuge to shoppers escaping the scorching summer temperatures.

Dubbed the “largest shopping mall on the planet” by an Urban Gateway article, the Mall of the World will occupy 15 million square metres and include an indoor theme park and 100 hotels and apartments, as well as health resorts, theatres, and a network of streets that connect to one another.

The entire facility will be fully climate controlled and is aimed at attracting 180 million visitors a year, even in the height of the summer when temperatures can reach nearly 50 degrees Celsius. In cooler months, a dome can open up to allow people to shop in the fresh air. The project is a part of Dubai’s bid to become a tourism hub in the future.

According to the CEO of Dubai Holding, the property developer behind the project, the pedestrian city will be built using state-of-the-art technology to reduce energy consumption.


Photo credit: Dubai Holdings

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